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  • Name:  Steven Chang-Lin Yu

  • Game Alias:  Yueh

  • Birthday:  24/06/1981

  • Occupation: Senior Technical Engineer - Burton Technologies Pty Ltd.

  • Interests:

    • Listening to Classical and Broadway music, some pop and rocks.

    • Reading electronics, computer, ancient history, science, and Si-Fi.

    • Play computer games, watching DVD.  Pool, basketball, table tennis, walking....

  • Electronic & Computer Skills:

    • Development of  embedded system using microcontroller.

    • PCB design.

    • Computer and microcontroller (focus on ARM and AVR) programming, both C and Assembly.

    • Configuration and Administrate OS (Both Windows & Linux).

    • Computer Assembly & troubleshooting.

  • My life so far:

    • Born in Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China).  Move to Brisbane, Australia in 1994.  Finished high school education at Kenmore State High.  Study Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queensland University of Technology, and finished in 2003.  Family move down to Sydney in 2004, completed Master of Telecommunication at University of New South Wales. Currently working as a senior technical engineer in a queueing solution company.

  • Why did I wrote a website about requiem ?:

    • When I first got internet connection at the beginning of my engineering study, I did a search on my several of my interests, and realised most of them already have excellent websites, except requiem.  Since I want to learn how to write an webpage in HTML (But give up after doing my first revision, just too painful), I decide is time for me to write a website on requiem.

  • Contact Info:

    • stevenyu24 AT gmail.com

    • stevenyu24 AT hotmail.com

  • My Contribution For Distributed Computer Project

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